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"Beastial" Wall Mount


Each "Beastial" werewolf wall mount is meticulously hand-produced by one single FX-Artist in his New York studio and require hours of fabrication and hair work. Every element is hand-painted, hand-assembled and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. These mounts are a combination of thick cast latex and durable rigid foam with details that include glass eyes, hand stained resin teeth, and even a tongue and inner palate if one peers through his menacing jaws. 

With a full head and neck, they are styled as a "Trophy Mount", and are attached to a wooden plaque, with a "French Cleat" style mounting plate on the back to ensure your piece will hang on your wall fully stable to accommodate for weight


Contact for custom requests: This may include hair/fur tone, bloody muzzles, eyes. All colors may vary slightly from each other, and certain requests may result in an additional fee. The one pictured was a custom, typically the "base" wolf would be brown/grey with golden eyes.

  • 1:1 Life Sized Trophy Mount

  • Each Mount is unique, ensuring you truly have a one-of-a-kind piece

  • Hair from industry renowned "National Fiber Tech" to provide the ultimate film quality look. (Color may vary, contact for custom requests)

  • Hand Made with the extensive care of a professional film artist, making each a true work of art.

  • Normally made-to-order, production time could take up to several months, wait time is often shorter than this. Often a few orders are done at once, dependent upon the artists project schedule at time of order. 

  • Flexible payment options available, contact for details

  • Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Contact soon to reserve your spot on the current order list, SPACE IS LIMITED per run. Artist can only do a certain number at once. 

Order Form


Prices may vary on Fur color due to Availability- If a specific color is absolutely needed, it can be ordered from the company custom, but will result in extra fees.


There will be variations in hair-tones and density between wolves due to availability- unless specifically specified.

Thanks for your inquiry!

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