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One of a kind works of horror inspired art, lurking..

..waiting to take their spot in your collection

werewolf by ricky vitus
"Beastial" - Werewolf Bust

A massive display, true-to-life and highly detailed bust of this legendary creature- Truly a standout piece for your collection.

IMG_2052 (1)_edited.jpg
"Beastial" - Head Mount

Mounted "Trophy" style werewolf head, display ready in mind for collectors with tight spaces, conveniently hung from your wall.

Custom Creations

Have a dream-piece for your collection, or a previous creation from Ricky you'd like?

Contact the artist with your ideas-

The only limit is your imagination!


  • The items here are created by an independent artist. Most are handmade, all are original designs. By purchasing a piece from this shop you are directly supporting a working artist.

  • Deposits or payments placed are NON-REFUNDABLE, be sure you consider this prior to making a commitment to an art piece.

  • If participating in a payment plan, and you are unable to complete payment within a reasonable and agreed upon timeframe- The client will forfeit their piece, and it may be resold. Clients will be given adequate warning before this happens. This occurrence is very rare, but necessary to state. Once again, be sure you are able to commit to the piece before purchasing, just as the artist is committing their time to creating it.

  • If you choose to participate in a pre-order, or a made-to-order, please be prepared to wait. There may be times when production goes over the predicted wait time. I WILL keep clients up to date on progress and prospected finalization date.

  • Prices may change on pieces, though orders placed prior to the raise will be honored. With the prices of materials and personal labor rising due to time, this is inevitable to keep the artist afloat in creating your one-of-a-kind piece.

  • Please be patient with shipping since this is a one person business. Packing and shipping is done by the same person making your piece, occasionally things run slow when the artist get busy

  • If you purchase an item, or put a deposit down, this money is non-refundable. As an independent artist, I cannot bare the cost of refunds or the time spent creating and speaking to you as a client.


  • The artist will not bear responsibility for lost/tampered with/stolen packages. I cannot provide refunds or replacements for missing packages. I of course provide tracking information, but that is the extent of my power. If it gets returned to me, you will be contacted. Buyer pays shipping expense to have the item re-sent.

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